We have been a part of the Mike Love and Associates Law Firm, City of Lufkin, Fireworks Extravaganza for 13 years. At this point it just seems like it's a given that we are going to have a fireworks show in Lufkin. But that was not always the case.

There were a few years before Mike started this, that you had to go to another town to see a show. None of those even compare to what we have here. But as much as things become relied upon, and seem old hat, The Fireworks Crew at Mike Love and Associates Law Firm (yes they actually shoot the fireworks themselves) this July 4th are giving you a once in a lifetime opportunity. Something new that we have never done. You get to push the button to start the first firework. In years past this was not possible, because being where the fireworks show was, well just take a look at this video.

But now with the help of a new remote firing mechanism, they have the capability of firing them, without being in the line of the debris that comes back down. Being the selfless guy that he is, of course Mike wants to give you the chance to set off the first salvo of the show, under his supervision right from the stage. Sign up for your chance to win at the Law Firm Of Mike Love & Associates booth near the main stage. Enter to win by showing them the K-Fox App on your phone. You'll also be in the running to win a cooler package from the law office.

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