Did your favorite Texas city or hometown make the list of most infested in America? Orkin just released their list of 50 cities across the U.S. with the highest probability of running into these nasty creatures.

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Two Texas cities made the Top 50 list. One in North Texas and one in the South.

None of these Texas towns ended up in the number one spot like the Windy City. They have been on the top of the list for the past three years, and no one is looking to take this title from Chicago.

Orkin Uses Data From Where They Go The Most 

Orkin makes this list using data from where they performed the most bed bug treatments. Bed bugs are just the worst, and once they are embedded in an area they are hard to get rid of completely.

Bed bugs are super invasive travel companions, and you have to watch where you stay. They can get in your clothes, and you could take them right back home with you.

Women are checking for unusual things and detecting bed bugs in the bedroom.

The worst part about them is that you are their only food source. If you notice small red or brown dots on your sheets it's a long process to get rid of them.

Don't Take These Travelers Home With You

These bugs will even take shelter in that book you left all day on the bedside table, while you were out.

I do not want to sleep
Oleg Kozlov

Dallas was the worst in Texas. Houston almost missed being on the list but is still on the chart. See where they landed on the list.

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