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  • Missing Texas Youth
  • Who are they?
  • Does anyone look familiar?

Back-to-school time will be bittersweet for the families of these missing Texas teens. These parents should be celebrating the start of another semester of school with their kids.

Classes are beginning now at campuses across the Lone Star State. Helping find one of these missing kids and getting them off to class would be a huge win.

It could be possible with your help in locating their missing kids. Every missing child is at risk, no matter what their current situation.

Have you noticed anyone new in your daily life this past July? If someone new just showed up in the past month with no back story, that could be a red flag.

You Can Help A Family Missing Their Kids 

Many children go missing in Texas every year. Each case has specific issues and reasons.

An entire book or movie about every last one of them could be made. Even then you wouldn't know everything there is to know about them.

Be aware of the people that surround you daily, especially if you work in a job with a lot of foot traffic.

Take A Moment To Look At The Photos 

Offer up a moment of your time to help these Texas children find their way back to their homes and families. According to the Texas Center For The Missing, there were 47,670 missing person reports in 2022. Of those 34,828 of those were children.

Hundreds of Texas children are currently missing in Texas. These are the 33 from just the past month of July.

Help 31 Texas Families Find Their Kids Reported Missing in July

31 Texas families reported their kids missing in July while one teenager from Lufkin has been missing since June.

A Lufkin Teen Among 33 Who Went Missing in June in Texas

A Lufkin family is looking for their missing son who is among the 33 Texas teens who went missing in the month of June. Find out how to report any information into his disappearance so their family can have him back home. 


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