I watched this Netflix movie the same day it came out. Unknowingly watching it before virtually everyone I knew. I had no idea that it was being watched at the same time by everyone in the Netflix universe. It just happened to pop up at a time that everyone was really interested in watching a movie.

It was so surreal, and seemed like a movie you would have to go to the theater and pay full price to see. We definitely got our moneys worth of Netflix that day at our house. While I was watching it, I noticed a lot of parallels to our town in the movie.

  • 1

    Everyone Drives Crazy

    I swear at the intersection of Timberland and South First by the station, people drive like they are trying to end it all. Their pain and misery show as they pull out in front of me with no regard to who's turn it is.

  • 2

    People Force You To Look

    My facebook is usually inundated every fall with pictures of people posing with dead animals. Well now, would you just look at that.

  • 3

    Don't Knock On Random Doors

    Most houses here have an occupant, and a security system that involves a trigger.

  • 4

    Cell Phone Towers Spotty Coverage

    The town is so big, yet so few towers. I think the people that run the cell phone towers stopped going to work...OR THEIR DEAD.

  • 5

    Scarcity In Grocery Stores

    If there is even a hint of an ice storm, hurricane, or other weather event, grocery stores get hit hard. Good luck finding milk, water, or bread. Even if we don't eat bread..go get some bread. We just hope no one sets the Cheetos on fire.

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