Firewalker Books in Lufkin is having special guests, sales. and displays inspired by Bigfoot.

Bigfoot enthusiasts gather around! There may be some speculation as to when Bigfoot day actually is, but we think it's always a good time to celebrate the mysterious legend.

A lot of us in East Texas believe in the Sasquatch, Bigfoot, even Yeti. (Whatever you want to call it.) There have been lots of sightings in the area, and so much evidence gathered, it must be true right? Some people argue that all of that evidence is just circumstantial, but we all know the truth. If a Bigfoot were to be anywhere, it would be here, behind the Pine Curtain to hide from any and everyone. We will continue to gather evidence, and one day perhaps even a body!

Richard Ramsey has put together a celebration of the legendary Bigfoot! There will be special guests, displays and cryptozoology books for sale.

You can learn more about the event by checking out the Facebook page dedicated to Bigfoot day.

Remember when Bigfoot came prowling around the radio station?

Firewalker Books, Comics, and Games is located in downtown Lufkin.

downtown Firewalker

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