Just about every post I do about a new business coming to Lufkin is met with the same response online. We need something for the kids to do.

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Could all of the town's problems be solved if there was something for the kids to do? Though one event might not eradicate this issue, it's at least one more thing to keep those kiddos occupied.

As a bonus, you don't even have to get out of your car to experience this attraction coming to the Lufkin Mall. They are even giving away tickets, and I will tell you how to win them.

Jurassic Empire Drive-Thru Adventure Coming To Lufkin Mall

Jurassic Empire is a dinosaur museum, and they are having a drive-thru event at the Lufkin Mall from January 13th through January 22, 2023. They are selling tickets in two-hour time slots.

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You don't have to be there at a specific time, which should make it easier for families. You can attend anytime during your time slot selection. The event takes anywhere from 20 minutes to one hour, according to attendance.

Tickets are $45 on weekdays for vehicles with 1-7 passengers. That goes up to $55 on the weekend. Vehicles with 8-14 passengers are $75 on weekdays and $85 on weekends.

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Bring Your Pet To This Drive-Thru Dinosaur Exhibit

There are also surprise packs with 3 gifts for $35 and one with 6 gifts for $55 each. If you don't buy them online with your tickets, you will have an opportunity to purchase this when you check in.

Be aware that your kids may see cars ahead of you getting surprise packs. All of the prices are before tax.

You can also bring your pets as long as you keep them in the vehicle at all times. How will your animal react to animatronic dinosaurs right outside the car?

Win Tickets To The Drive-Thru Dinosaur Exhibit At Lufkin Mall

They don't allow guests to ride in the back of pickups in the event, so you will have to find a way to pack the cab.

They are giving away 15 free tickets to the event if you comment on their Facebook post. Lufkin's event already has more responses than any other town I found on the link.

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