I have heard of a lot of stuff, but I have never heard of a story walk. I'm very interested, Nacogodoches Public Library, you have peaked my interest. 

Instead of just going outside, or telling the kids to go outside and play, how about go outside together and....read. That's what a Story Walk is all about. I think it's a pretty good idea. Two things that people always complain about. Not going outside, and being glued to an electronic devise.  This fixes both issues, and makes it a fun learning experience.


Join the Nacogdoches Public Library at Pecan Acres Park Monday March 13th at 12 pm. You will walk around the beautiful trails, and get to read a story as you go. There is no registration necessary. Free admission too, so there are no excuses left! This is a kid friendly event, so that is always great for family time. Instead of a huge expensive vacation, you can stay right here and discover a story, and one of our lovely parks!

They also have other great, interesting events on their event's page. Take a look around and you might find something else you like!



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