If you are looking for a job, you might just be in luck with Lufkin. The City is hiring for all sorts of positions. Everything from Police Dispatcher to Custodian. One of the openings actively being considered to hire really caught my eye. The Ellen Trout Zoo is looking for a Louisiana Pine Snake Specialist.

This indigenous snake species could be found years ago right here in Angelina County. The Ellen Trout Zoo is looking to breed many of these snakes to reintroduce them to the area, releasing them into areas that provide a suitable habitat. . They were a vital part of our ecosystem, and their absence has led to an imbalance that they are attempting to correct.

This would be a great position for someone that is willing to come in and help save this endangered species. The person that gets hired for this job will be in charge of a large population of Louisiana Pine Snakes at the zoo. The Ellen Trout Zoo is working together with other zoos on this project in a Species Survival Program. This position will be a part of that effort. Experience working with reptiles and specifically snakes is a requirement.

The Ellen Trout Zoo is also looking for a collection manager. and Asst. Collection Manager. Collection Manger requires a Bachelor's Degree in Biology or Science, along with lifting up to 70lbs.

There were a variety of job listings, and a wide range of pay listed. You can go to the site, and apply. Just click the button below.

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