The City of Lufkin is having and open house meeting and your input is encouraged. Help them come up with a comprehensive plan to improve your town.

Show up with your thoughts on Parks, Neighborhoods, Street's, and anything else that you think would improve on the city. You could spark a great idea that really gets things going here! Help plan your own city, and make a difference!

City Lufkin Plan
City Lufkin Plan

I think Lufkin is having some issues with false news. When something bad happens in town, it is usually crime or job focused. Because the news outlets knows that is what gets the clicks. (Yes even ours.) Good news, though everyone says they want it, just doesn't move the needle in this new clicks = dollars landscape.

I occasionally see posts on Facebook quote that Lufkin is the 3rd worst city for crime in Texas. That study, and I saw the one they are talking about, was put out by a security system company. Apparently Lufkin doesn't buy enough security systems, that is why we were listed as high.

Come to the meeting with an open mind, and just share what you think, and drop the issues of the past.

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