I was looking for a Christmas tree farm in Deep East Texas, and since we live in a sea of trees you would think they would be everywhere. That is not the case, and it seems like Lufkin and Nacogdoches are a bit of a Christmas Tree Farm desert.

I found Naron Farm in Pollok. You can get a tree, but you must set up an appointment. There is also Dadda G's Christmas Trees in Douglas that might be closer if you are in Nacogdoches.

If you want to find and cut your own Christmas tree like the Griswolds, one of those might be your best bet. If you are looking for something different, but still want a real tree, you must check out Timberland Nursery.

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Timberland Nursery Can Flock A Tree Any Color

Timberland Nursery brought us a traditional, white-flocked Christmas tree for our lobby earlier this week. They bring it every year, and each year we trim its magnificence to fit our low lobby ceilings.

This year we are giving it away, some years we try to chop it down to size, but we have a fake tree here at the station and I don't know if anyone even has time to put it up.

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We have plenty of poinsettias for decoration right now, and not many people come here, so we should be good. While Timberland Nursery was here, they told me they could flock a tree any color I wanted and I was intrigued.

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Take a look at the pictures in the gallery below to see all the colors you can get.

Colorful Flocked Christmas Trees

Timberland Nursery in Lufkin is bringing all of the colors of the rainbow out to celebrate Christmas.

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