Satirical Facebook page 'Texas Facts' made an image post saying Cheetos originated in Nacogdoches Texas. The comment section is where it gets real cheesy!

Here's the post

If you scroll through this page, even for a brief moment, you can easily tell that Texas Facts is in fact a parody/satirical site, much like The Onion.

While the Wikipedia page for Cheetos says they originated around Dallas, and whether or not there is any truth to this claim, it seems a bit silly to get super mad. Although, these satire websites don't come with warning labels a lot of the time and it might be understandable for folks to get upset at the spreading of "fake news."

Some folks haven't figured this out yet and are getting heated. Read the comments for yourself and have a laugh. Go through all their posts and see how many people get upset. It's pretty funny.

And speaking of Cheetos ... Here's the REAL news story.

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