This is a great day trip, but I am switching it up this time. This trip can be achieved two ways. You can actually go to the Houston Zoo this weekend, or you can virtually go on Wednesday August, 26th at 11am live. Not only can you watch this virtual tour live, they have been doing it for awhile, and they have all the past virtual tours saved. They call it 'Bringing The Zoo To You".

Every Wednesday at 11am Central they host a facebook live to bring the zoo to you. They update patroons on all the animals and what the zoo keepers are doing to care for them.. The clips are pretty short, and are a lot like what you would experience if you were doing a day camp for the kids there.


Any kids that are into animals and dream to one day be a veterinarian, or go into the zoological field would love all of these videos. Even though this one a little less than 20min, they vary in lengths and hosts. It's a great program.

I can't remember ever going to the Houston Zoo, except as a young child. They are celebrating a huge milestone in 2022, it will be their 100th anniversary. This means a lot of change is coming to the zoo right now. You could go this year, and wait to go again next year, and it be completely different. You can get tickets to the Houston Zoo here. They do all the tickets online now to prevent too many people from showing up at one time. Social distancing from other groups is easily achieved this way.

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