Ellen Trout Zoo needs your support. Take some time today and help your Zoo bring Gorillas to Lufkin. If you want this purposed exhibit to happen, here's what you do.

Attend the City Council  tonight at 5pm at Lufkin City Hall. It's as simple as that. They will be discussing the proposal tonight Tuesday August 16th, and being there will show that the community really supports our local zoo.

I have spoken to Zoo Director Gordon Henley about this many times in the past. This is one step towards us having every animal you would expect to find in a large metropolitan zoo, right here in East Texas. He has mentioned that we would like to have 2-3 gorillas in two different enclosures.

The exhibit has been in the fundraising phase, and the enclosures will cost around $5 million dollars to complete.  If this is completed the only thing we don't have, is elephants. I am hopeful that they will have them one day, but if gorillas are $5 million, elephants would be more than twice that amount, and would require lots more area, not to mention food!

Show your support by attending the Lufkin City Council meeting tonight, and be a part of zoo history!