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  • Ellen Trout Zoo has some mischievous elves on the loose for your kids to find and get a treat.
  • Come to the zoo with your family and find the three elves, then come again in a few days to see where they have moved.
  • The Ellen Trout Zoo in Lufkin is engaging everyone in the hunt, while they enjoy seeing the hundreds of animals on exhibit.

You know the holidays are in full swing when you spot an elf on a shelf. It has become a Southern rite of passage to find these little elves in your home.

This tradition has already moved on to its second or third generation. The book and the elves themselves started really getting big in 2008, years after its initial publication.

According to CNN Business they had sold over 11 million copies of the book with the elf in tow by 2017. The Ellen Trout Zoo in Lufkin, Texas along with other zoos across the country have adopted the tradition to have some fun around the holidays with patrons.

Santa's Elves Are At The Ellen Trout Zoo In Lufkin

You don't have to adopt a new elf to get a little more Christmas magic for your children this holiday season. A visit to the Ellen Trout Zoo should do the trick quite nicely.

attachment-Ellen Trout Zoo Elf

Take your kids and if they find the three exhibits with the elf, they will get a free candy cane treat. The elves move around and share the love with other exhibits while you sleep, so check back to see where they have moved.

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