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The Ellen Trout Zoo in Lufkin, Texas is currently mourning the death of Paddy, their female White Rhinoceros. According to Ellen Trout Zoo Director Gordon Henley, she died on Wednesday, November 8, 2023.

Born in 1995 Paddy was a fairly recent addition to the zoo. She arrived in September 2014 as a mate for their male rhinoceros, Bwana.

Paddy had a unique personality and could be very cooperative, and other times surprisingly disagreeable and strong-willed. I guess we all occasionally have our off days.

A Guest Favorite Paddy Will Be Missed At Ellen Trout Zoo

Paddy passed away due to a bacterial disease and was under veterinary supervision at the time of her death. A complete necropsy will be performed at Texas A&M University to help further determine the exact cause of death.

She was 28 years and 7 months old at the time of her passing.

Her animal care staff are deeply saddened by her passing. They took care of her daily needs, and I am sure had grown to love her.

Paddy was not terribly old as White Rhinos can live into their 50s. The oldest White Rhino in captivity, Pedro, passed away in October at the age of 54 at the Barcelona Zoo in Spain.

There are only 800 White Rhinos In The World

The White Rhinoceros as a species was once on the verge of total extension. Programs like the one at Ellen Trout Zoo have helped them make a comeback.

Poaching them for their horns has been greatly curtailed recently, and they are being reintroduced into many natural habitats.

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