• Gallery Furniture owner Jim McIngvale is going viral with his new commercial.
  • In the video, he appears to be making some "Lean".
  • Houston's favorite Hip-Hop artists get shoutouts.

If you are looking for furniture in HoustonTexas everyone will tell you to go to the same place. Gallery Furniture has been an institution for decades and it's mostly because of its owner Jim McIngvale.

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Mattress Mack Grew A Furniture Empire In Houston

He has been entertaining the citizens of the Greater Houston area since the 1980s with commercials that stand out. I remember watching them back in the day when he would take an old mattress and wear it like a suit.

Vice via youtube
Vice via youtube

That's when "Mattress Mack" was born. An alter-ego that propelled Gallery Furniture into the $300M+ business that is still run by Jim and his family today.

When Houston Needs Help Mattress Mack Always Steps Up

Not only is Mattress Mack famous for his commercials, but he has also propelled himself to nationwide fame because of his giving nature. When Houston is ground zero for an epic flood or hurricane he will always be among the helpers.

He has also been known to place huge bets on Houston area sports teams. Amounts that keep his name in the news and his store top of mind for residents.

vice via youtube
vice via youtube

Mattress Mack Wears All Purple While Making Lean

His most recent commercial has gone viral. Wearing a purple puffer jacket and bandana, he appears to make some "lean" with Jolly Ranchers and Sprite, while name-dropping Houston hip-hop royalty.

He also touts the fact that if you buy from his store he will have your furniture there in less than 4 hours. See the video below, and don't get caught riding dirty on a hand-me-down sofa.


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