When you drive by Atwoods in Lufkin, the outside looks ready to immediately open for business. They completely repaved and stripped the parking lot, and even added an extra speedbump that I'll let you find on your own.

There are large tractors, fencing, and full-sized railroad ties among other items lining the outside of the building. I even noticed a very chic chicken coop out front this morning.

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We have been following the transformation of a long-vacant Kmart location into this home and ranch store for a long time. The first day we all get to shop there has now been changed.

Grand Opening Of Atwoods In Lufkin Is Postponed Indefinalty

The grand opening has become an inside Lufkin joke. If someone asks when Atwoods in Lufkin is opening on social media, they will immediately get trolled. This sign was out front, and the date on it will come and go without the store opening their doors.

photo by Walter Wazup via Facebook
photo by Walter Wazup via Facebook

Some of Atwoods' staff members recently attended the Angelina County Fair, helping to make their presence in the community known. One of the employees, Ryan McCall, is a member of Lufkin FFA and won awards for a sheep he was showing.

Take A Look Around The New Atwoods In Lufkin

The only way to see what it will be like once Atwoods opens is to look. Atwoods Ranch & Home Goods (Lufkin, TX) has been keeping us updated on all kinds of things going on inside and outside the store.

TSM Lufkin
TSM Lufkin

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Now we can see how things are taking shape and what types of merchandise will be in the store. This location seems larger inside than many of Atwoods' locations.

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See Inside The New Atwoods In Lufkin

We are just days away from Atwoods in Lufkin opening up. We have seen the changes on the outside, so let's see how things are going on the inside.

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