I think we all know that Lady Gaga is a little nutty, some would even compare her to Micheal Jackson on her weirdness level. So get this, she is thinking about buying Micheal Jackson's home "Never Land Ranch". Strange huh?

So just encase you don't know what the home looks like, here is a short tour.
Here's a view of the front of the house.

Here's a view of what can possibly be called the living room, very nice I think.

Here's the heart of the kitchen. The home is so large that it's ran by a small staff year round.

This is the Master Bedroom, I thought it was another living room! Ha...

The bathroom where Micheal could overlook his ranch without leaving his rubber ducky behind.

A spiral staircase located somewhere in the back of the home.

The wine cellar. . .

A nice spot for an evening of drinks with good friends?

An ugly view of the back of the house, the rest of the home is absolutely beautiful, then you walk out into the backyard, what in the world was that man thinking...

A swimming area that badly needs updating.

As you can see parts of the home are very nice with an old country feel, while other areas need serious updating and resurfacing. If Gaga does decided to purchase this home I hope she removes the make-up and clown nose that have been smeared onto parts of the house, while at the same time preserving the simple charms this old home has.