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Lufkin can be a very loud city. Here are the three main loud noises we live with in order.

  • Barking dogs
  • Loud music
  • Loud exhaust

If you live next to someone that constantly plays loud music, even if it's your favorite music, it stinks. It could even be interrupting your sleep.

It's an intrusion into your personal space. You could call in a noise complaint, but who wants to bother the police with something so trivial? No one is getting hurt, and no real crime is being committed, but it does make your blood boil.

Barking Dogs All Night Long In Lufkin

When it's midnight and you like it quiet when you sleep, the number of barking dogs in your neighborhood can drive you insane. If you own dogs and they have been barking like there are intruders in the area continuously for hours in your backyard in the city limits, I'm talking about you. I really don't understand this lack of consideration for others.

But once again, what can you do? Call the police and you could be keeping them away from stopping a drunk driver or preventing an actual crime. It's just something you learn to live with and a fact of life for many in our Lufkin neighborhoods.

Loud Exhaust From Vehicles In Lufkin

There are codes on the books about 18-wheelers using "jake breaks" in the city limits. There is no law I could find about having a loud exhaust.

In the past it was mostly just big loud trucks, and I myself was guilty of this. Lufkinites that don't like loud lifted trucks could have their Texas card revoked.

It seems more different kinds of vehicles are lacking proper mufflers now than in the past. The worst offenders in my opinion are Chrysler/Dodge cars with Pentastar V6 engines. No matter how much you modify the exhaust if you have a vehicle with this engine, it will never sound like a Hemi.

Loud Music From Vehicles In Lufkin

I drove around with two 15 to 18-inch subwoofers in the back of many vehicles over the years, so I have also been guilty of inflicting my music on others. The one thing about these sounds coming from vehicles is that they are fleeting, and at least they don't just continue like the others.

Do you think Lufkin is super noisy? Leave us a comment.

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