Card 53 Comedy was bringing their improv hilarity to all of East Texas and doing shows at least twice a month. Last year changed all that, but now things have changed yet again and they are booking more shows than ever.

If you are a fan of comedy made up on the spot, like the old "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" TV show, this is perfect for you.

Ticket Details 

The driving force behind the East Texas comedy scene will be back at the Pines Theater at 113 South 1st Street in Lufkin, Texas on Saturday, November 20th, 2021 at 7 pm.  Tickets are on sale now for just $15.00. You can pick yours up now at 

If you miss the Lufkin show you will have another chance to see Card 53 at "The Liberty" in Tyler, TX. It's only 107 miles away from Lufkin. That show is scheduled for November 27th.

Aaron "Smitty" Smith from Card 53 Comedy came by the station a few years ago to talk to us. He will be there performing with the rest of the cast and is looking forward to many more shows for the troop in 2021-2022.

New Team Member 

Card 53 has been bringing the funny to East Texas for over 11 years. I am glad to see that they are back at it. They even have a new permanent addition to the team.

Jason Folks has been a huge supporter of the group and has performed with them for several years. Now they have officially made him a cast member.

Every show is unique and different when you are dealing with improv comedy. I am sure they stored up a lot of new ideas, since they were here in May.

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