Recently, Lufkin was named the most "white trash" city in all of Texas. While it's nice to be #1 of anything when it comes to Texas, we want to visit a few other things we do better than anyone else.

You'll love Lufkin! That's the slogan because Lufkin is the most...

  • Lufkin Little League
    Lufkin Little League

    Proud Of Our Sports Teams

    No town gets behind their team more than the fans from Lufkin. Lufkin Panther Football, Baseball, and Basketball are a given, but look at all the support they throw on the Thundering 13 Lufkin's Little League Team. They even changed the color of the jerseys to Tennessee Volunteer orange for the little league world series, the the support was unwavering. We just printed Thundering 13 on orange towels.

  • Lone Star Charlies
    Lone Star Charlies

    Ready For New Restuarants

    No one want's anything to change ever. Once you start doing something in Lufkin you have to continue to do it the same way forever. Either that or be deemed a failure. We want new restaurants, but only the ones that used to be here. Because we want everything to be back like it was. It's like we have OCD for restaurants.

  • Angelina County Jail
    Angelina County Jail

    Informed about local news

    We really only watch the local news, and read the stories on facebook to see what they actually print or show. We all already know the real story. Because everyone knows everybody's business. Anonymity in this town is not a thing. So if you are on the news, it doesn't just effect your family, it effects us all.

  • Greg Sanches facebook
    Greg Sanches facebook

    Protective of our neighbors

    We all treat everyone like family, that is unless you get arrested for drugs, alcohol, or sex. Then we want to stone you in the streets. But the person that was done wrong, we will defend and protect them to the end. Our Sheriff says the county needs more officers. Even though that doesn't effect Lufkin, those are our friends out there in Angelina County. Best get him what he wants.


    Knowledgeable about how to get lovebugs off

    I really hope this rain is about to wash these lovebugs down the river to infest another town. We have it so bad, I'm pretty sure I have eaten my yearly fill of bugs. They splat and dry in a minute, so we have come up with tons of ideas to keep them off, get them off, then get them to stay off. Just don't use the dryer sheet hack. That is more abrasive than you think and will ruin your paint. I

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