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  • The culprit came forward
  • Damages have been paid
  • Mailbox restored better than before

If you missed our first story about an odd Lufkin, Texas landmark that was destroyed the last weekend in April 2023, check it out below.

I won't rehash all that happened, but the mailbox was down for the count. Its owner, Bob Bowman, wanted to know who did it, and now they have come forward.

They admitted to the mistake and came by his home to pay for it. Just like I suspected Bob had a cool interaction with them, and went about using those funds to make the mailbox better than ever.

This Lufkin Landmark Mail Box Is Now Better Than Before 

It was troubling to see the old mailbox in pieces on Bob's lawn the other day. Luckily he works well with his hands, and it is back and better than ever.

It's still red, and it looks like he added a second carburetor. Instead of an air cleaner, this time we have a scoop over the top of both carbs. That has to add like 100 horsepower.

He also placed a pully on the front of the chrome timing cover chain, a fuel filter with fuel line, and a distributor complete with spark plug wires. Bob salvaged the free-flowing black headers, chrome valve covers, and a few other parts from the old mailbox.

He still hopes to work on a VW motor mailbox version soon.

The saga of this mailbox has now come full circle. Take a look at the finished product.

A Lufkin, Texas Landmark Restored Better Than Before

Local gearhead and owner of All Seasons Roofing, Bob Bowman, repaired his iconic Lufkin mailbox after a hit-and-run and came back.

Historical Home Once Owned By A Prominent Lufkin Lawyer

 It was built from lumber that was given to him by a client on trial for murder.




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