You might not be aware that the City Of Lufkin Police Department hires any rockstars. You might have spoken to one of them before, and not realized it. If you ever called 911 in the Lufkin area, and spoken to a dispatcher, you have. Every call an officer goes on, starts with that call. The public, in times of dire need, pick up the phone and reaches out for help. Everything that happens after that, they coordinate.

I have personally met many of our dispatchers at LPD. They are mothers, fathers, and normal members of our community, in every way but one. They hold lives in there hands, make hard decisions, and hear unimaginable horrors on the other end of the line everyday. The Lufkin Police Department recently honored them with this video, a quick tribute to their professionalism, and daily grinds. It's National Public Safety Telecommunicators (aka dispatchers) Week, and we thank them for all they do.

If you have what it takes, to make the decisions when the tough call comes in, working 12 hour shifts in the middle of the night, this might just be for you. They are hiring more superheros, and rock stars right now.

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