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  • Skyline Burrito Bowls Opening New Location
  • The original location On Timberland IS STILL OPEN
  • Owner requests a no-judgment zone while they learn

When one door closes another opens, and that has never been more true than right now when it comes to Lufkin favorite Skyline Burrito Bowls’ current situation. Owner, Tavo Velazquez, has taken to social media to give us another progress update on the new drive-thru location.

Velazquez starts his update with an unexpected twist. Just when you think you are going to have two Burrito Bowl locations, once the new one opens, the current location on Timberland is closing for renovations.

He is estimating that it will take about two weeks to update the original location and bring the kitchen up to the standard of the new drive-thru location in Gaslight Plaza. The end result of two fresh working Skyline Burrito Bowl locations is the goal.

Skyline Owner Asks For Grace During This Break-In Period

When the new drive-thru location opens up, Velazquez is asking for some leniency for him and his crew. He nor his crew have ever operated a drive-thru restaurant, and this one will have two lanes.

He also talks directly to all the people that like to hit social media and complain about things. Velazquez gave them a directive to wait to pass judgment for about two or three months, while they get their system down.

He also specifically mentions how hard everyone had been on the new Chick-fil-A on North John Reddit in Lufkin. No actual dates were given during the update, but in a previous post, he did say the grand opening will happen this month.

Tavo Velazquez via Facebook
Tavo Velazquez via Facebook

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