Lufkin's Spirit Halloween store in the Lufkin Mall is set to open in just 7 days. That's Wednesday, (the spookiest day of the week) August 12th, 2020 in the Lufkin Mall. Spirit Halloween is Located at 4600 South Medford Drive, Lufkin, TX 75901.

Halloween is in just 87 days. The holiday season officially starts with Halloween. One step closer to our goal of getting 2020 behind us. Time to focus on all things spooky. Less than 3 months from now, you can wear a mask for a reason other than stopping the spread.

Spirit Halloween is bringing the heat this year, with all kinds of new costumes and styles. Halloween is a perfect opportunity to put a mask on, and keep it on. Though the country is not likely be on the other side of this pandemic when it gets here. Halloween is all about imagination and getting out of your normal self. We would all like to return to normal, but by the time we do, things will be much different.

It will be interesting to see how people's tastes have changed since last Halloween. No matter what costume you choose, this year will be different for sure. There will be a lot of Tiger King, and Carol Baskin costumed couples.

Recently going door to door to get candy in some areas has become more of a chore for parents. You have to go to a few specific places to get it done right. This year a Zoom-o-ween where everyone dresses up and uses FaceTime or Skype could be all the rage.

Thinking about last year and Halloween it just doesn't seem real. Now I know what older people mean about the good old days. Now we are the ones wondering if things will ever be the same.


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