This is a touching video about a dog ditching the leash, and getting a new lease on life. Shout out to Jared Piper for providing love and care to a nearly forgotten life.

The emotional video above shows a dog being rescued after a life of imprisonment for between 10 to 15 years. Whether the previous owner was aware of the cruelty they were inflicting on their dog, it is clear that they eventually did the right thing by agreeing to hand him over to a new owner.

Take this time to assess what your pets may be going through, or if you know of an animal that may not be treated right. Let this video be a reminder that there are always people wiling to take care of your pets if you no longer can or are willing to. Sometimes we have to let go of our pride for the well being of another.

If you are one of those people that are spoiling your pets with love and attention, then keep it up, and maybe keep a close watch on other animals currently in the "care" of others. Just because a dog has an owner, doesn't mean it's being properly tended to.

Tell us in the comments section of an animal you rescued? Do you still have him or her? How has their life improved since you took them in?


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