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  • What is a department store?
  • Read the top 10 below.
  • Having the most stores doesn't make you popular.

When you think of a department store in Texas, you might think of places like JC Penny or Dillards. In reality, the definition is a large store that stocks a variety of goods in different departments.

Using that definition, just about any retail store could be a department store. The broader definition makes you think a little harder about what the answer could be.

Take a look at the top 10 department stores in Texas.

The 10 Largest Department Stores In Texas

This is based on number of locations in Texas and #1 may surprise you!

Once you change your idea about what a department store is, then you see the entire picture. The top 3 stores: Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Walmart make up 78% of the list.

Buc-ee's Doesn't Have Enough Stores To Make The List 

Just because they have tons of stores and do a lot of business in Texas doesn't mean that they have a cult-like following. No one is giving free hype to Dollar General like they do to rest-stop mecca, Buc-ee's.

These brands aren't strangers to anyone in Texas. These top stores are just necessary evils in many people's minds.

I have been to every one of these stores in the past at some point. There are multiple locations of some of these stores, even in smaller towns.

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