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So what business does Nacogdoches "The Oldest Town In Texas" have showing up on a list about the high cost of living? There has to be some trickery or manipulation of the numbers.

You crunch enough data and anomalies are going to pop up. This cost of living index from ranked 21 Texas towns using data from The Council for Community and Economic Research or C2ER.

This data is looking specifically at the second quarter of 2023. It takes into account all kinds of things like utilities and housing.

Nacogdoches Ranked Number 18 On The List 

The prices are based on newer construction homes that have certain features, so it's not in my opinion perfect. It would be a good indication for someone looking to move to an area to find a comparable home to what they live in now.

It also measures the cost of consumer goods and services, but doesn't factor in taxes and non-consumer expenses. Basically, this is an indication for high-income earners to decide if they should move to Texas.

The fact that in the Texas Top 21 only living in Dallas would result in paying more than the national average, is a good indication that people are still going to think it's a great idea to move to Texas.

Even with interest rates today hitting almost 8%, for some people it's a move in the right direction. Of the 21 towns listed, Nacogdoches hit number 18 on the list.


Composite Index: 87 (That's the national average score.)

Home Price: $385,511

Apartment Rent: $864

Energy: $227.18

Doctor Visit: $121.5

Beauty Salon Visit: $31

It's the home price number that really put Nacogdoches up higher on the list. It beat out Amarillo, McAllen, and Harlingen overall, and the home price number beat even beat San Antonio.

It might actually be cheaper to live in Nacogdoches if you find a more modest home.

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