There are so many new things happening at the HEB in Lufkin. If you haven't been keeping up here is what we know so far.

  • The store is going to be remodeled, and we have the renderings below.
  • It is not going to be an HEB + (plus). There will be no gas pumps.
  • It is not changing locations.
  • It is going to be bigger.
  • There is a sushi bar now.
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Dirt work for the building additions has been going on for a few months now. I stopped by over the weekend and took a look at how things were progressing.

Customers At The Lufkin HEB Are Rolling In Style

Right before I got to the curb, I saw them. An entire row of shiny, brand-new shopping carts.

I grabbed one and was immediately spoiled. Everyone going to HEB in Lufkin will be rolling these new shopping carts or as we call them in East Texas "buggies".

That is the best thing about going to a new grocery store - the new shopping carts. I guess a remodel was a great time to change out the carts, so we can get a taste of something new.

We Have New Buggies At The HEB In Lufkin

The new carts have a larger shelf on the front, and two seats wide enough for the largest of toddlers. The cherry on top was the cupholder.

Everyone was pushing their carts around with their drinks and or phones in the cup holder. The new carts are blocky, larger, and likely a little heavier.

I also noticed that the smaller carts had been updated as well. They have recently added a few more cart returns to the more remote areas of the parking lot.

I didn't notice the huge security wheels like the last carts had. The system has likely become less obtrusive in the new carts, but I am sure it's still secure. 

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The wall of freezers on the far left-hand side has been moved quite a few feet away from the wall, making that aisle narrower. They will likely have that wall down soon as they add on to the building.

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