Lufkin Parks and Recreation is going through restructuring this year and has just recently welcomed a new director, Buddy Timme. That might have led to the reason Christmas Convoy is not happening the same way this year, as it has in years past.

For some backstory on the Christmas Convoy, it was started during the pandemic because East Texans were looking for anything and everything to do in our own space, while feeling a connection with others.

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Looking at Christmas lights from the comfort of your own car, yet still participating in a group activity was a great idea. They might go back to that model next year, but for this year they are just going to let us nominate the houses and then release the list of fabulous light locations, so we can go on a self-guided Light Up Lufkin Christmas Convy.

Get Ready For The Best Christmas Lights In Lufkin, Texas

Since we are still being tasked to submit who we think has the best Christmas lights in Lufkin, there is still fun to be had. Plus when we get done with all the submissions, they will release a list we can use to create our own Light Up Lufkin Christmas Convoy and look at lights anytime we want.

Nominate your favorite house until December 14th, 2022. You can click the team sideline link to let them know where you saw some great lights.

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The house must be in the Lufkin City limits to qualify for the contest. The first-place winner will get a family night prize basket from the Lufkin Parks and Recreation Department.


In other Christmas light news, take a look at some of the houses that have already been submitted in our Light Up East Texas list below. Some of them are sure to end up on the Lufkin list as well.

Light Up East Texas is giving you a shot at $500 and is brought to you by East Texas Slab Masters. Get your submissions in before Friday, December 16th and CLICK HERE to enter to win.

Holiday Light Displays Across East Texas - 2021

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