One East Texas town has enough crime to put it right up there with Miami and St. Louis, in the top 100 crime cities nationwide.  In fact, Lufkin is sitting right in the middle of a large radius of crime-filled cities.

Little Rock, Arkansas is the most crime-ridden city in America, according to, which compiled the list using FBI data and crime stats from 2016.  Usually these researchers look at cities with populations over 100,000 people, but this time they looked at the number of crimes committed for each group of 100,000.  In other words, violent crimes and property crimes committed per capita, and several Texas cities shot right to the top.

New York and Los Angeles didn't even make the list.  There are millions of people there who behave themselves apparently, and Texas is a little more dense with concentrations of unscrupulous folks, according to this.

There are several Texas cities in the Top 100 Most Dangerous Cities, including Houston, Lubbock, Beaumont, San Antonio, Amarillo, Odessa, Dallas, Waco, Forth Worth, and Abilene.  Violent crimes like murders and assaults factored in, and so did property crimes like car thefts and house break-ins.

Texas is a big state, so it stands to reason that we would have more cities on the rap sheet than most other states.  If size has something to do with it, it makes us feel a smidge better at least in this case.  And we feel good about Lufkin and Nacogdoches missing the Top 100.

Do you think crime is on the rise in Lufkin?  Someone swiped the granite-based umbrella stands from my back patio recently, but that was all they took and I didn't report it.  Maybe reporting the little things would launch us a little higher on the crime list, but I find myself hoping that was the exception and not the norm.

Let us know your thoughts.

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