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  • Don't do it.
  • Messing with Texas?
  • It's just bad manners.

You will find in every group of Texans, one that might not (I can't believe I'm saying this) ..... like B-B-Q. "GASP!" I know, it's hard to believe.

There are even a few with no qualms about launching a few pinto beans into their chili. Blasphemy, just plain and simple, but it is true.

We don't all own horses, and we don't all drive trucks. Some of us even don't have that much of an accent, or so we think until someone records us and plays it back.

It's hard to generalize a culture, even if it is your own. There are some things that stand out that almost everyone in the Lone Star State can agree on.

I Wasn't Born In Texas But I Left As Soon As I Could

There are lots of folks that like to be considered honorary Texans. They move to the greatest state in the union, perhaps even marry a Texan.

Shoot they might even raise a cow from a calf and ride a horse. Guess what? Still not a native Texan.

They might be fine with you saying all manner of things to them, but if you are an honest-to-God, born and raised Texan, you will get offended by the following statements.

If you are planning on hanging out with a Texan for the first time, don't say any of these things. You might find out why you shouldn't mess with Texas.

10 Of The Rudest Things People Say To Texans

Some of these things aren't just rude, they are downright blasphemy. Don't catch yourself saying any of these things to a real Texan.

10 of the Rudest Things You'll See In Texas Churches

Not everyone is there for the right reasons.

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