If you are a fan of the Spec's Liquor store chain there is good news. After just opening their latest store in Grand Prairie, they have set their sites on Nacogdoches.

Spec's stores are usually huge, but this one is most likely going to be of the Baby Bunny variety of stores. They will still have all the things you have grown to expect from them, but just on a smaller footprint.

This one will be located at 4608 North Street near Walmart where Staples used to be. This is great news for some in Nacogdoches, as long as you aren't the owner of a small mom and pop liquor store.

Things are happening quickly for the Spec's brand. Owner Mr. John Rydamn is opening up many more stores as the brand gains notoriety far away from their start in the Houston area.

Spec's still has a Greenville TX that customers are awaiting to open. So as we know this is coming, but it could be a long time before they get everything into place.

Nacogdoches County is no stranger to larger chain liquor stores. As of late Zipps Liquor has gone in right across the river at 9844 US-59.

They also have a second location at 623 North St, in Nacogdoches. The march of progress is inevitable.

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There are of course no liquor stores in Angelina County, and I am sure both Texas chains are ready to take advantage of the sales from both markets.

I believe these are Texas based companies. I am sure it's a bit easier to do business in one state only. There are many laws to take into consideration in each location, even within the same state.

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