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  • In with a bang, out with a whimper
  • No more Cheesecake Chimichangas
  • Next to Burger King and Cracker Barrel

Taco Bueno at 2408 South First Street in Lufkin closed its doors on June 16, 2023. Their closing went mostly unnoticed at the time.

I believe that the restaurant opened up around 2011 in Lufkin. I remember doing a live broadcast at the location and that it was good food for the price.

They brought some of their amazing cheesecake chimichangas to the station and we all grubbed so hard on them during their grand opening.

There have been many Taco Bueno store closings, and the Lufkin store held out longer than most.

Privately Held Texas Franchise Taco Bueno Leaves Lufkin 

According to an article in QSR magazine, they closed 16 underperforming restaurants in 2018. That same year they filed for bankruptcy.

I also saw on their Facebook page that they had opened a new location as recently as last year in Lake Jackson, Texas.

Taco Bueno Was Featured In King of the Hill 

The first Taco Bueno was opened by Bill R. Waugh in Abilene, Texas in 1967. The founder sold the restaurants in 1981 for 32.5 million dollars.

He also founded Casa Bonita featured on South Park. Speaking of tv shows, Taco Bueno was also spotlighted in an episode of King of the Hill.

Since then it has been owned by a lot of different companies, but never went public. It is now owned by Sun Holdings.

No one said the restaurant business was easy. In some markets, it is still a thriving business.

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