Everyone is always trying to scare up a mystery in Texas. Many places are touted to be haunted in the Lone Star State.

The staff at gosocial have come up with the most haunted place in every state. For Texas, they picked Glenwood Cemetery in Houston.

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Many notable Texans are buried there, most famously Howard Hughes. Though he didn't live in Texas for most of his life, he was born and buried in Houston, Texas with his family.


Glenwood Cemetery was the first professionally designed cemetery in Houston. They started burying citizens there in the 1870's.

If you are a full-fledged ghost hunter or just love a good scary story, this spot is "crawling with ghosts" according to many accounts. In actuality, it's one of the most beautiful graveyards you will visit in Texas.

It is also a Texas landmark with its own historical marker that details the Houston Cemetery Company. There are more than a dozen historical markers inside, like the one next to the grave of the final President of the Republic of Texas, Anson Jones.

High EMF Readings At Glenwood Cemetery

Paranormal investigators have documented many high EMF (electromagnetic frequency) readings on the grounds. Many noted seeing shadowy figures moving around behind the tombstones.


Texas Most Haunted Spot Has A Rich History

There might be some restless spirits in the area, but all accounts say this is a tranquil place, with beautiful gardens, and great for exploring. I would just limit any visit to the cemetery to the daylight hours.

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There is even a newly built Center for Glenwood at the entrance with maps to follow to find all the notable graves. Happy ghost hunting in this beautiful park cemetery.

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