Everyone always talks about the Autobahn in Germany being the place where you can drive as fast as you dare. Actually according to Epikdrives German authorities recommend a maximum speed of 130 kph, or 80 mph on autobahns.


"The Autobahn" is more of an idea than a bucket list item. Especially if you live in Texas with higher speed limits, it's not an experience you can't have here. Autobahn is just a German word for interstate highway, it's not a specific place.

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Our local, state, and US government also recommend a specific speed. Just like in Germany, you risk life and limb, your pocketbook, and sometimes your license if you go over that suggested limit.

Choose Your Level Of Risk On Texas Highways

In Texas, there is a stretch of highway that goes between Austin and San Antonio in Central Texas where the speed limit is 85 according to Secret Houston. In Texas, we all know that we can usually go about 5 over the speed limit and not get pulled over, as long as we can keep it between the lines.

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google maps/canva

Some are more bold and drive 10 mph over the speed limit or higher. Having someone pass you going over 100 mph isn't that uncommon.

Drive 85 MPH For 41 Miles Straight In Texas

You can keep those speeds up for the entire 41-mile stretch of Texas State Highway 130. That number is 10-15 mph higher than the average highway in the U.S.

The highway was opened in 2012 to provide some relief to driving on super congested I-35. Those speeds don't come without accidents. From 2012 - 2017 there were 16 fatalities on the road.

Road Fatalities: Most Dangerous Time, Day, and Month by State

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