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  • Most plants are harmless
  • Some are deadly
  • Learn to tell them apart with this guide

With the sheer amount of wildlife and plants in Texas, there are bound to be some that could cause you to have a bad day. The plants on this list are poisonous and if eaten by someone or an unsuspecting animal, they could be deadly.

Just coming into contact with poison ivy could start a chain reaction that could lead to death for some people. The rest of us just get a bumpy rash. The plants in this story are not like that.

These are plants that if ingested could quickly take you out. Learning to identify them around your area is a great first step to surviving out in the wilderness.

We Don't Just Wander Around Eating Random Plants

There isn't much risk of eating a plant that is deadly if you never eat a random plant by the side of the road or trail. The prepper in me knows that one day you might not have a choice.

If you have an internet connection and can read this while you are experiencing an apocalyptic event and have to choose between eating and staying alive, you are going to eat.

You can forage for food if you have the correct information. The first list includes plants to avoid at all costs.

The second list provides plant options you can forage for in Texas. Take a look at these plants and see if you recognize them from your part of the state.

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