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We are all fighting a never-ending war on bugs in Texas. It just doesn't get cold enough here for them to stop proliferating like in more northern states.

Once they get a good foothold, they are here for generations.

There are plenty of non-native bug species in Texas, like common fire ants, that should be dealt with. Fire ants are just a nuisance compared to these bad bugs.

The bugs on our list are causing devastation to Texas forests. They should all be on your most wanted list.

Don't Kill Every Bug You See In Texas 

We need bugs; they do jobs in nature that help humans every day. They dispose of dead animals and pollinate plants.

They are a good source of protein and chickens love to eat them. It's when those bugs get into your house that you get slap-happy.

My exterminator always told me that if you see a bug in your house kill it immediately. You don't want to encounter it later or leave it there to continue to reproduce.

One bug can lead to hundreds of individuals in a matter of days. The same goes for bugs outside the house.

Invasive species are the worst when they start to proliferate in our Texas forests and grasslands. If you have the chance to kill these most wanted bugs in the wild do so without hesitation.

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