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  • Wild plants can be highly nutritious
  • Identify wild plants you can eat
  • Don't starve - eat these plants

One man's weeds are another man's salad when you are foraging in Texas. Even if you aren't starving, it's nice to know you can go grocery shopping on the side of the road or in your own yard in a pinch.

Now you have a real excuse for not mowing your backyard, not just because no one can see it from the road. Right behind your fence, there could be many varieties of edible plants. In an emergency you can take advantage of that bounty.

If you are a prepper, these could also be stealthy things to plant. They are so common that no one would even notice that they were something you were planning on eating.

Dandelions Have A Tangy Texas Flavor 

Getting all of your nutritional needs from a weed that is hard to get rid of is a win. The lowly dandelion or taraxacum officinale is completely edible.

The leaves, roots, and stems are all fair game. They can be found just about anywhere. If you know how to spot them, they could just save your life.

The most tender and least bitter parts are found in the leaves right in the center of a dandelion clump. Chop them finely and sprinkle them in your salad for a tangy flavor.

Since dandelions are easy to identify and found in so many places in Texas, they get top billing for me. There are many more to choose from. Take a look at the full list below.

The Edible Wild Plants Of Texas

If you are starving, just look around in Texas and make a plate.

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