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Growing up in Texas in the 2020s is hard for lots of kids around Halloween. Especially in small towns, kids have to take a car ride to get to neighborhoods where trick-or-treating is even possible.

Texas is huge, and growing up on a farm or in a house removed from others makes that yearly candy grab hard. Parents in Texas might waste more gas taking their children trick-or-treating than the candy the kids get is worth.

The team at betkentucky.com recently used some data to rank Texas as number 43 out of the 50 states for trick-or-treaters. That means that we aren't as likely as other states to have little ghosts and goblins ringing our doorbells as other states.

Data Says Texas Won't Get As Many Trick-Or-Treaters On Halloween

This study was based on the number of trick-or-treat searches in the state for 2023 and other variables.

  • Ranking: 43rd
  • Crime ranking: 49th
  • Populations of under 18's in thousands ranking: 16th
  • Trick-or-treat searches per 10,000 residents ranking: 7th
  • Overall ranking: 11.5

Just like all data, you really can make it say whatever you want. These data points don't mean anything if you live in certain zip codes in the Lone Star State.

According to shopping data from Instacart via Fox Business, three zip codes in Texas were ranked number 2,3, and 4 on their top 10 in the U.S..

  1. 75205 Dallas, Texas
  2. 77024 Houston, Texas
  3. 76092 Southlake, Texas

The data they used was more about the area's Halloween spirit and how much Halloween decor, candy, and costumes they purchased via the popular app.

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