If you don't really feel like cooking after unwrapping all of those Alexa devices and Fingerlings on Christmas morning, you'll have plenty of options for going out.

Most of your favorite spots will be open on Christmas Eve, and there are several that will also be open on Christmas Day.  

Buffalo Wild Wings

Chuck E. Cheese




Boston Market




Ruth's Chris Steakhouse


Panda Express

Waffle House

I checked on Dominoes, Dairy Queen, and Taco Bell, and they'll all be closed on Christmas Day, but open on Christmas Eve.

Some of the chains like McDonalds have independently-owned franchises, so it's possible that some local owners will decide to close on Christmas Day while other locations are open.  And we totally don't blame them!  A day off on a major holiday and time with family is important.  But sometimes a family that's cooped up all day under one roof needs to get out of the house and eat, and there are many spots that will be ready for us.  HoursGuide.com lists more holiday hours.

Whether you're cooking on Christmas Day or going out, have an awesome holiday.  And no calorie countin' til January!

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