You have been planning for years and years thinking about getting your first tattoo, and the time has finally come. When you start to look for a tattoo artist, you might notice there aren't that many options.

Tattooing is not as prevalent here in East Texas as in other regions of the country. There just aren't many shops to choose from.

That could make the decision easier or harder depending on your point of view. If being tattooed from head to toe in subpar artwork is not the flex that you are looking for, these tips should help.

Think about body placement. There are some artists that might refuse to put the tattoo where you want it. Especially on the head. These are called "job stoppers", and that has never been more true than here in East Texas. Think very carefully before you put something on your body where it could impact your entire life.

Your first tattoo should be something that is personal to you. Avoid trends, we all know someone that regrets a certain tattoo. Don't go get ink just because someone is having a special at their shop. You will see that tattoo in the mirror for years to come, and you want to be happy about it.

Look at the artist's portfolio and love their work. If you have decided on where you want that tattoo, and you have found an artist ask for a consultation. You might have to put down a deposit at this point so be prepared.

Take a look around the shop. Is everything clean? Do you feel comfortable? You will be there for awhile.

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If your artist seems unfriendly, or like they are doing you a favor, just get out of there. You are the customer, be prepared to walk if things aren't going your way.

Have you found a great tattoo artist in East Texas? Let us know.

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