For the 4th of July, my daughter and I are headed on a quick road trip to visit my friend Becky. She always hosts an annual 4th of July barbeque at her place, but this year, because of the coronavirus, things are going to be a lot different for everyone.

Becky usually has her mother, sister, and brother and me over to the annual bbq party, and then we all have our own kids and significant others along with us.

This year, Becky is hosting a social distancing barbecue, and to be quite honest, I am a bit worried about going. What if I or my 9-year-old daughter are asymptomatic and we end up passing along COVID germs to Becky, her kids, siblings or her mother (who is in her 70's)?

We do plan on observing the 6-foot social distance rule to be on the safe side, but our kids definitely won't be observing that. They will be too busy playing in the kiddie pool they have out back, plus they'll be running around in the back yard wrestling, playing fetch with the dog, and digging for bugs.

The only saving grace is that I will be busy eating up all the food and then jumping up to play a round of corn hole with the fellas. When I am not busy doing that, I will surely be sitting in a lawn chair sipping on a light beer or cider beverage.

For some great social distancing barbeque tips, I checked out this article at

Here are the top five things to do at your social distancing barbecue party that I especially liked from the article:

  1. Wipe everything down with some bleach/sanitizer (plastic lawn chairs, tables, countertops). I am going to bring our own pop-up lawn chairs just to be on the safe side.
  2. Write names on your cups to avoid somebody drinking out of yours.
  3. Don't drink too much! (This will at least help you cut down on those backyard party fights, LOL!)
  4. Have everyone provide their own food (or at least use individual cutlery when scooping out food)
  5. .Provide or bring some extra sanitary wipes and use them on everything!

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