Lufkin has changed a lot since this board game came out in 2006. But the more it changes the more it stays the same. We play the game and poke a little fun, check out the video!

Though we never got far enough in the game to purchase any homes, we bought into the fact that Monopoly was the best game ever. We could have played this Lufkin version for at least 14 hours. We had to rush though though, and we did buy up some of the prime real estate along the way.

We noted a lot of business that are no longer around on the board. Like Quiznos, Peltier, Lufkin Industries....the list goes on and on.  But we have gotten lots of great new places since then.  Like JM Chevrolet, Marcos Pizza, and uh, well we have a skate park now.

Okay so I really enjoyed playing the game, and it would have been neat if it was more than just sponsors and really just encapsulated more about the town. Like the actual street names, and the name of the jail.  It almost made me want to get another one done, that was a little more current.

The only thing that weirded me out was how high every property was. Plus you got 300 dollars for passing go.  Sadly, I never did pass go.

Towards the end I think James got bored with the board and started belting out offensive songs in the style of Jack Black. Enjoy!

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