Watch Lufkin grow before your very eyes using this time-lapse image from Google Earth Engine. It's amazing how much has popped up since 1984 in our town.

If only we could go further back you could see even more growth in our area. It really puts things into perspective. So much has happened here in the past 40 or so years. I was amazed to watch buildings get built, the loop get developed all around, and roads being built and widened.

You can even change the speed, zoom in to your part of town, or move it over to your little patch of East Texas and see everything that has gone on.

I have lived here most of my life, and when you watch all of this growth happen around you it's hard to really tell what is going on. We all know that Lufkin Industries and The Paper Mill have left, but you can tell things are still happening and expanding in our area.

You could put in any place and see the amount of growth. Places like Austin and Houston, anywhere else. I think the one of Dubai is pretty interesting, since they have actually added land mass in the water. It makes for a very interesting visual.

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