As always, it was another great Zoo Brew! This year with the addition of wine at every booth, I think they really hit it out of the park...or uh, the zoo.

I really like this event. I think it is something that adds culture to the area, all the while raising funds for the zoo. There was something for everyone, I was mostly drawn to the food tables. Healthy portions from everyone including Ruben's Chicken and Fish, Which Wich, Skyline and many more. We even had a booth there! There were lots of different beverages to try. Something for everyone.

Bryan Harkness was tireless, and I think I heard Brown Eyed Girl right as we were leaving. There was a long line to get in, so if you didn't get to go this year, get there early! That way at least you will be at the front of the line. Which is important when you get in, so you can also be first in line at the booths.

I was most interested to see Skyline there, not with their usual fare, but with some delicious mini cupcakes! Everyone serving was pleasant and also looked like they were having a good time. This is going to continue to be one of the can't miss events in Lufkin.

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