It's the off-season and once again local Lufkin Major League Baseball player, Brandon Belt, will send his fellow Deep East Texas citizens clamoring to win cash with the East Texas Scavenger Hunt.

In the past, hunts have been done in Lufkin, Huntington, Nacogdoches, and other surrounding areas. Details as always are few and far between to keep things interesting, but we know a couple of things already.

This time they are going to give out at least 20K total in cash, if not more. Following their East Texas Scavenger Hunt page on Facebook is a great way to keep up with the hunts.

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Multiple East Texas Scavenger Hunts Planned For 2023

This time they promise that there will be multiple hunts going on at the same time. That could mean that they will be going on in multiple towns all at once.

It could be a way of keeping the prizes going to local winners, as you can only search for one at a time. While there are other hunts going on, you will have to choose which one you are going to follow.

The first clue that things were going to start up again was this past Saturday. The Facebook page came out of hibernation to announce that they would be back in January of 2023.

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Scavenger Hunts Return To The Pineywoods Near Lufkin, Texas

It's easy to get bored in Texas Forest Country, so these hunts are a great source of entertainment for us. Even if you just like to follow the page and see all the comments, it's always entertaining.

Be on the lookout for these new hunts to start the week of January 20th. The last update was on December 20th, so hopefully we will hear something soon.

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