It's springtime and the weather is getting better and better. It's the perfect time for a carnival and there happens to be one right behind Lufkin Mall.

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Huge Carnival Coming To Wake Up Lufkin

Just when you thought the magic was gone in Lufkin, Evan's United Huge Spring Carnival will be here soon, setting up behind Lufkin Mall. I love the way the rides go up fast once they arrive.

Everything is up and running, and it's time to spend a few hours at the carnival. The back parking lot of Lufkin Mall is the place to be while the carnival is in town for 10 full days.

Evans United Shows Spring Carnival Behind Lufkin Mall

Now that all the attractions are up the party goes on from March 21 - March 31, 2024. Rides, games, and all the great carnival food will be waiting behind the Lufkin Mall.

How Much Are Armbands To The Carnival Behind Lufkin Mall?

It's something fun to do with the family, and it's close to home with shopping nearby. Admission and parking are free with ride coupons starting at $1.25 each and armband specials available for $25 per person per session.

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Rides open on weeknights at 6 PM and on weekends at 1 PM. Afternoon armband sessions are from 1 PM -5 PM and evening sessions are from 6 PM to 10 PM.

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Carnival hours and armband specials are weather-dependent and subject to change. Look at all of the wild attractions that will be on-site at Lufkin Mall.

Evans United Shows Carnival

Big rides going up means big fun is coming to town once again.

Gallery Credit: Dan Patrick

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