At just over an hour away, the Woodlands is one of the closest suburbs of Houston to East Texas. I had no idea that they had a Margarita festival, so I thought I would share the details. It's all going down on Saturday June, 29th from 2pm-8pm at Town Green Park. There will be lots of different Margaritas to taste. Live music in the park starts at 2pm.

If you think your bar or restaurant makes the best Margarita, they have a competition for that, but only the limbo competition will net you a personal $100 cash prize. At least you get your say on the best margarita, so vote if you attend.

Best Margarita Competition #4

The Best Margarita Competition has some of the best-tasting margarita recipes The Woodlands has to offer. Bars/restaurants mix their signature margaritas to battle for the title of The Woodlands Best Margarita! The competition is judged by festival attendees who taste the stable of signature mixes and cast their vote for their favorite.  All competition margaritas are made with 1800 Tequila, but are the regular margarita drink price.


Cash Awarded To a Charity

1st Place Trophy

TWMF will celebrate and promote National Margarita Day at the winner's bar

Bragging rights for having the best margarita at TWMF #4

For more details just go to

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