Over 40 inmates arrested and put in the Angelina County Jail in January of 2024 are still there. Most are awaiting a trial for a felony crime allegedly committed.

Not so for Breana Lee Green and Deidra Marie Lee.

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According to the Lufkin Daily News, the Angelina County Sheriff arrested the two women along with Victor Lee and Wade Finley for their alleged involvement in the July 24, 2022 murder of Ashley Nicole Schaefer, 35, of Diboll.

The two women both confessed and took plea deals. Green was sentenced to 20 years and Lee was sentenced to 28 years on February 10, 2024.

They are still in the Angelina County Jail along with another 46 inmates arrested in January.

Should You Smile in A Mugshot?

The two women are not smiling in their mugshots, but I noticed that four of the men arrested for felony charges were smiling during their photo shoot at the Angelina County Jail in Lufkin, Texas.

According to Find Law every criminal defense lawyer they could find who has addressed people smiling in mugshots says the same thing. Do not smile.

Why Do People Still Smile In Mugshots When Arrested?

Reasons range from defiance, being drunk or high, suffering from mental illness, or because they think they were arrested for an absurd reason.

Most of the people smiling in these mugshot photos were arrested for controlled substances or assault.

Arrests of Interest In January In Lufkin, Texas

The Angelina County Jail houses inmates arrested from police departments all over the county. This is where ACSO (Angelina County Sheriff's Office), Diboll PD, Lufkin PD, DPS, and U.S. Marshalls all house citizens that they arrest.

Over 40 Felony Arrests In Angelina County in January 2024

These are felony arrests in Angelina County in January with mugshots. All defendants are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Most of the arrests were made by the Lufkin Police Department and the Angelina County Sheriff's Office.

Gallery Credit: Dan Patrick




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